About me and my background

About me

My name is Netinho da Costa. I work at a Dutch 3d and video animation studio called Redrum. Both as a 3D artist / technical director, and a R&D lead. At Redrum I get to spend a lot of time, and do a do lot of research figuring out how videos, content and animations are actually used and implemented successfully from a business perspective. The department responsible for that is called Redrumlabs. That is where I spend much of my time researching and thinking about many of the questions you will find inside these indepth-marketing essays.


In the past i’ve gotten to grow in, and enjoy two totally different careers paths. As a marketing executive I was (among other things) asked to become the President for the Dutch Acquisition Institute, but as a freelancer I was also responsible for Marketing R&D at large Internationals like Mood-Media. On the other side of the coin, I have worked as a 3D animation artist and technical director for several companies large and small, the largest having over 225 employees. Later I also became a professor this field working for FXPHD teaching about topics such as photorealism and FX. Both of these professions inspired, and continue to inspire me to write these essays that you are able to consume at indepth-marketing.com.