Great marketers... like a think.

Albert Einstein once said that “creativity is intelligence having fun”. So let me ask you, have you ever wondered what the intellectual side of video marketing looks like?

I think the answer is unquestionably not about ‘better’ or ‘smarter’ video marketing. It’s about discussing topics and questions for which there are no easy black and white answers. About topics and questions that require active and reflective thinking. Issues and contentions with large grey areas. Sometimes involving disciplines like philosophy, history, ethics, strategic thinking or even statistics and mathematics, all which are considered to be intellectually demanding activities. That’s what I mean when we explore the intellectual side of video marketing.

The problem is that black and white thinking often reflects an underlying reluctance or refusal to deal with the uncertainty that result from complexity and an absence of definite answers. Leaping marketers to flawed conclusions because they can’t tolerate the ambiguity of not knowing. It’s not about truth or curiosity, but about comfort. The intellectual marketer however can handle uncertainty and prefers to be aware of their areas of ignorance.

The bulk of video marketing publications are predominantly focused on ‘what to do’ in video marketing. At indepth-marketing however we’ll look at video marketing with reflective skepticism focused on deciding what to believe first. What do I mean by that?

It’s where we ask ourselves: What is fact and what is opinion regarding good video marketing? Where do widely accepted video marketing ‘facts’ come from? What cause and effect relationships are proposed? Witch faulty generalizations are there in the field of video marketing? Which issues are oversimplified? That was just to name a few.

Indepth-marketing aims at challenging the way you implement video marketing by challenging the way you think about video marketing first. Many marketers are highly addicted to easy answers. Because of this, many marketing opinions tend to go around as marketing facts. This in turn has an influence on the blind acceptance of marketing ideas, beliefs and strategies and especially on blind imitation.

On the other hand, if you think you are highly analytical and also stubborn enough to deduce that this does not apply to you, then perhaps at indepth-marketing you will find a like-minded content provider in the form of relevant essays where you will feel right at home.

As a marketing creative, your assumptions are your windows on the world. As Isaac Asimov once said “Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in”. My essays about video marketing can be long and sometimes a bit challenging. And yes, at indepth-marketing you’d have to consume something longer than 140 characters for a change. But you get high standards and clear takeaways in return. So there are no video marketing quick tips or 7 secrets to success to be found. But you will always find a passionate marketer going out on a limb to offer indepth explorations into core beliefs and ideas about this beautiful craft and phenomenon called video marketing.

If you’d like to consume these video marketing essays, than please grab yourself something to drink and start investigating, enjoy!

Netinho da Costa